Michael Schwarz, Chief Economist at MicrosoftListen now (49 min) | On the importance of economics for tech industry and the ongoing relevance of theory more generally
Elizabeth Popp BermanListen now (59 min) | On the influence of economic reasoning on American social policy
Interview with Larry Katz, Professor of Economics at Harvard, Editor of Quarterly Journal of EconomicsListen now (60 min) | On inequality, neighborhoods, labor trends and the QJE. Season 1, episode 11 of Mixtape: the Podcast
Interview with Peter Hull, econometrician at Brown UniversityListen now (58 min) | On Maine, economics, econometrics, causal inference, regression, instrumental variables and more
Episode 9: Interview with Guido Imbens, 2021 Nobel Prize Recipient in Economics Listen now (57 min) | On causal inference, instrumental variables, econometrics and his career
Episode 8: Interview with Sandy DarityListen now | Stratification economics, group identity, reparations, scarcity and more
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Interview with Josh AngristListen now (58 min) | Recipient of the 2021 Nobel Prize in Economics
Interview with Sophie Sun, econometrician and recent graduate of MITListen now (31 min) | A panic attack spread across empirical social science fields like economics from 2008 to 2022 as a result of a half dozen…
Interview with Alberto Abadie, MIT professor of economics and econometricianListen now (27 min) | Alberto Abadie is the creator of one of the most important innovation in causal inference of the last 20 years -- the synthetic…
Interview with Steve Tadelis, UC Berkeley Haas Business School professor and formerly eBayListen now (41 min) | Steve Tadelis is an interesting bird: Harvard PhD applied microeconomics theorist turned experimentalist, he spent some time at…
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