S1E25: Interview with Anna Aizer, Brown, Editor of Journal of Human ResourcesListen now (77 min) | We discuss growing up in Manhattan, college, criminal justice, youth
Video interview with Ronny KohaviWatch now (57 min) | For those who prefer videos to podcasts
S1E24: Interview with Ronny Kohavi, Computer ScientistListen now (57 min) | We discuss his career into computer science, early entry into tech industry, A/B experimentation and more
Video Interview with Rick Strassman (part 1) and moreWatch now (83 min) | Advanced Access video interview with Rick Strassman, bipartisan reform, labor supply and scale
Video interview with Anna StansburyWatch now (63 min) | For those who prefer videos to podcasts
S1E23: Interview with Anna Stansbury, Professor at MIT, labor and macro economistListen now (63 min) | Anna Stansbury is a professor at MIT's Work and Organization Studies department. I interviewed her as part of my "economics and…
Kanye in the news, computerization of jobs, and psychedelic reform updates.
S1E22: Interview with Robert Michael, Professor Emeritus at University of ChicagoListen now (80 min) | Robert Michael, professor emeritus at University of Chicago, was a student of Nobel laureate Gary Becker from a productive period…
Hatful of Hollow #1Watch now (59 min) | Conversation with brain scientist and economist abt psilocybin, link to MDMA PTSD trial, Ann Shulgin obituary, and two cool TikTok
Interview with Michael Grossman (video)Watch now (65 min) | we talked about health economics, NBER, life in economics, and all his mentoring (!)
S1E21 Interview with Michael Grossman, Health Economist, Pioneer, Professor, MentorListen now (65 min) | In this episode, I introduce listeners to Michael Grossman, an early pioneer in the field of health economics. His dissertation…
Rhyming and reasoning my way through explaining my podcast