Brittany and Michael Present Pioneers in Difference-in-Differences part 4: David Card!

David Card (1956-present)

Well, I told myself I would slowly drip these videos to people, but I can’t wait to show the last two so I’m just going to go ahead and release the fourth one. The fourth person in Brittany and Michael’s “Pioneers in Diff-in-Diff” series is none other than last year’s Nobel prize winner himself — David Card. Considered arguably the greatest labor economist of his generation, Card wrote several major works in labor economics using difference-in-differences and in the process, probably helped bring awareness to the method’s value to practitioners everywhere. Card was Orley Ashenfelter’s student and coauthor at Princeton for many years (recall Orley was yesterday’s pioneer also) but is mostly associated with UC Berkeley. Brittany and Michael nailed it arguably with adding this labor economist to the list. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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