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Brittney and Michael Present "5 Pioneers in Difference-in-Differences" - Orley Ashenfelter

Orley Ashenfelter (1942-present)

Brittney and Michael present the 3rd pioneer in their list of Pioneers in Difference-in-differences, the godfather himself, Dr. Orley Ashenfelter. Orley’s influence on the rise of design-based causal inference probably can’t be overstated, so it’s great to see them recognize his importance in helping bring diff-in-diff into the modern labor toolkit, and then through that field, all of the social sciences more generally. Getting Brittany and Michael’s own understanding of who Orley is was interesting and fun to see. A true legend. If you enjoy this, check out an older interview I did with Orley.

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Interview with Orley Ashenfelter, the legend, the GOAT
Listen now (56 min) | Orley Ashenfelter is arguably the founding father of one of the most influential empirical movements in the modern era -- the so-called credibility revolution. He was the adviser to two Nobel laureates (Josh Angrist and David Card), and guided the Princeton Industrial Relations group for years. Arguably if not one of the most important labor economists of his generation, then at least one of the sharpest. In this interview we talk about his influences, his discovery of the famed Ashenfelter Dip, the popular research design difference-in-differences and more. Check it out…
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