Causal inference, econometrics, empiricism and the joy and pains of life: An Explainer

Welcome to Causal Inference: the Remix by me, Scott Cunningham, an economist at Baylor University. I am the author of “Causal Inference: The Mixtape” which can be accessed for free at This newsletter will be an outlet where you can read “explainers” of causal inference econometrics, usually based on the counterfactual tradition (ie, potential outcomes, directed acyclic graphs) though not necessarily always. I will also discuss in the free version papers I find interesting, but in the premium version I will be writing material on partial identification, bounds, control functions, bootstrapping and other forms of inference, as well as if I am up for it, machine learning and causal inference. This material is meant to be the basis for a sequel to the Mixtape which I am tentatively calling Causal Inference: the Remix. The newsletter is a longer form version of what I produce regularly (maybe too regularly…) on Twitter at @causalinf. And so in addition to causal inference, I will also use this site to occasionally give my opinions about navigating and living inside the economics profession, particularly as organized within the American Economics Association. And I will also talk about life, the pains and joys of it, the potential for inventive transformations out of suffering and into the gifts of existence (as I have been and continue to experience them). I hope you will find the newsletter useful.

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