Apr 20 • 57M

Episode 9: Interview with Guido Imbens, 2021 Nobel Prize Recipient in Economics

On causal inference, instrumental variables, econometrics and his career

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Mixtape: the Podcasts are interviews conducted between Scott Cunningham (Professor of Economics at Baylor University) and mostly economists, their collaborators, and people in adjacent fields.
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In episode 9 of Mixtape: the Podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing the 2021 co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in economics, Guido Imbens. Dr. Imbens was awarded the Noble Prize in part for the committee’s recognition of the importance of his work on instrumental variables in the 1990s (work he did with Josh Angrist and Don Rubin). We discussed that work, the collaborations, the intellectual environment within econometrics at the time, as well as his own career navigating obstacles like tenure while he continued to work on problems he saw as important. Dr. Imbens is not only one of the more interesting people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, but especially learning from, he is also one of the friendliest. I hope you find this interview enjoyable. You can find the podcast on Apple, Spotify, Google and others as always. You can also watch the interview on Youtube below.