Mar 30 • 58M

Interview with Josh Angrist

Recipient of the 2021 Nobel Prize in Economics

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Mixtape: the Podcasts are interviews conducted between Scott Cunningham (Professor of Economics at Baylor University) and mostly economists, their collaborators, and people in adjacent fields.
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Josh Angrist is the Ford professor of economics at MIT as well as a co-recipient of the 2021 Nobel Prize in economics. In this episode of “Mixtape: the Podcast” (episode 7), I interview him about his career, growing up, time in the Israeli military, as well as his longtime collaborations with Guido Imbens and Alan Krueger. We talk about the work he’s doing with the MIT Blueprint Lab as well. A fascinating man, I hope you like it. You can also watch it at YouTube here.

You can read a popular explanation that the Nobel Prize committee provided about the winners, facts about Dr. Angrist, as well as an absolutely fabulous essay about the awardees’ work that goes into much more detail.