May 9 • 1HR 0M

Interview with Larry Katz, Professor of Economics at Harvard, Editor of Quarterly Journal of Economics

On inequality, neighborhoods, labor trends and the QJE. Season 1, episode 11 of Mixtape: the Podcast

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Mixtape: the Podcasts are interviews conducted between Scott Cunningham (Professor of Economics at Baylor University) and mostly economists, their collaborators, and people in adjacent fields.
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In this week’s episode of Mixtape: the Podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing longterm editor of the Quarterly Journal of Economics, Larry Katz. Dr. Katz is a distinguished labor economist and a pillar in the profession as editor of the more impactful and influential journal in our science. He has written a number of classic studies in labor economics ranging from topics like skill based changes in relative wages with Kevin Murphy to the importance of neighborhoods on life outcomes based on the Moving to Opportunity experiment. As with many of the people I have the chance to interview, Dr. Katz has forgotten more economics than I will ever know. You can listen to the episode here on substack, or on Apple podcasts, Spotify and other platforms. You can also watch it below at Youtube.