Interview with Michael Grossman (video)

we talked about health economics, NBER, life in economics, and all his mentoring (!)


Video interview

Last week I uploaded a podcast of my interview with Mike Grossman, but alas had it set to only send out to members. So if you missed that, I apologize. You can find the audio version of the podcast audio here, but in the meantime here is the video version!

There’s some updates coming to the substack. I’ve been using it as you can tell for last 3 or 4 months to store podcast episodes. I have not fully known how best to utilize this substack to be honest. I originally had used it to write down longer explainers of econometrics, and sometimes provide code. I’ve been trying to minimize my time on Twitter but have been doing a lot of workshops, some consulting, as well as meeting journal deadlines, and at the same time started a podcast. I hired someone to help me organize all my websites, perhaps renaming the substack and tightening the name of the podcast, try to bring it all under one roof as best I can, and then move back to my research and writing. Now that things have largely stabilized with Mixtape Sessions and are in a better groove, I feel I can return to my studies, research and writing.

So, enjoy this interview with Mike if you haven’t seen it. I have another interview coming out soon with Robert Michael. Ordinarily members get advance access on Sundays, but I’ve been at the Grand Canyon and had horrible reception. I am talking with the people at Substack about trying a different way to give exclusive content to members (as opposed to just advance access) related to the podcast, and wanted to meet with them today to talk through that technology. Most likely what I’m going to be doing is having 15 additional minutes of “exclusive content” that is tacked on at the end of each podcast so that subscribers can if they want get it.

But the main thing that will be changing around here is that I will be returning to writing explainers. Those will be free as always, part of my public service, part of my own investment in my human capital. I have some other ideas though of exclusive writing content to be posted on here, but before I announce it, I want to sit on it a while longer. Enjoy this wonderful interview with Mike Grossman in the meantime and be on the lookout for a new interview with Robert Michael!