Plans for Fall 2021 at Remix

Planned discussion of papers this fall

Good morning Vietnam! I hope everyone has had a great summer. After numerous weeks of teaching workshops including CodeChella, I am rested and ready for the fall. I wanted to share what papers I plan to review this fall in this explainer as I have set up an ambitious schedule due to a new prep. As before, I am using my substack to help discipline myself. There will be two themes this fall — a continuation of the #JHR_Threads, and new material on difference-in-differences, synthetic control and machine learning causal inference.

The first paper I intend to cover is by Susan Payne Carter (West Point) and Abigail Wozniak (Federal Reserve) entitled “Making Big Decisions: The Impact of Moves on Marriage Among US Army Personnel”, in the Journal of Human Resources (here). I will try to switch between my class readings on causal inference with #JHR_Threads every other week or maybe once a month, give or take.

The material on causal inference econometrics is lengthier as this is for a new prep I’m doing, as I said, for PhD students. For those wishing to follow along as I prep the class, you can go to this GitHub repo where I will be storing assignments, syllabi and slides, as well as papers. The syllabus and references are below, and while I am not sure I can commit to covering all of these, my goal is to cover enough of them that I can help myself build the lecture slides. I have more machine learning material to cover, as well, but for now this is what I have. It’s an intense semester subject to change as I confront the frailty of the human existence and realize that it is impossible to cover all of this. Or maybe it isn’t impossible in which I learn about triumph in the face of impossible odds. Either way, there will be some new papers coming to the substack now that the summer rest is behind me.

Good luck everyone with their fall schedules. Thanks again for reading.