Jul 21 • 1HR 5M

S1E21 Interview with Michael Grossman, Health Economist, Pioneer, Professor, Mentor

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The Mixtape with Scott is a podcast in which Scott Cunningham, an economist and professor, interviews people in areas he finds interesting. Those areas are, respectively, causal inference, economists in the tech sector, economics and public policy commentary (including drug policy) and the Nobel Laureate Gary Becker's former students. He tries to travel back in time with his guests to listen and hear their stories before then talking with them about topics they care about now.
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In this episode, I introduce listeners to Michael Grossman, an early pioneer in the field of health economics. His dissertation work under at Columbia University on "health capital and demand" became a cornerstone of the modern field of health economics. We discuss his time growing up in New York, his time with Gary Becker at Columbia as his student, how he got into health in the first place, and much more. Mike is a much beloved economist and I hope you will enjoy this interview as much I did.