Feb 28 • 1HR 4M

S2E4: Interview with Clair Brown, Author of Buddhist Economics and Labor Economist

Discrimination, Policy and Economics

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The Mixtape with Scott is a podcast in which economist and professor, Scott Cunningham, interviews economists, scientists and authors about their lives and careers, as well as the some of their work. He tries to travel back in time with his guests to listen and hear their stories before then talking with them about topics they care about now.
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In this week’s interview on the Mixtape with Scott, I had the pleasure of interviewing Clair Brown, a labor economist at the University of California - Berkeley. Dr. Brown’s career has spanned several topics like discrimination, industrial economics, and climate. Dr. Brown’s late career has made several turns into environmental economics, particularly climate, but also a re-envisioning of the field of economics with her book Buddhist Economics. Dr. Brown’s work has always focused on issues around welfare that are often massaged out of her models, like meaning, community and fairness in labor markets. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together, and I hope you find it interesting too. Please remember to subscribe and share!

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