Welcome to the Remix

Whats up!

This is an experiment to see if I can create valuable content to readers that is similar to what I have historically created on social media (@causalinf) and in my textbook, Causal Inference: the Mixtape (https://mixtape.scunning.com). That is, it will be a mixture of material on topics that include theories of causal inference as contained in counterfactual tradition (Pearl, Rubin, etc.), econometric estimation, data that I like, R and Stata code for estimation, new applied work in economics and the quantitative social sciences, as well as personal reflections on joy and pain in life itself and opinions about the economics profession.

The format of the newsletter will be regular medium length explainers so to speak whenever possible, but also occasionally my own personal reflections and opinions. I will sometimes include interviews with others, as well as links to merchandise priced at cost that I think readers might like, such as previous year’s #AEA5k tee shirts and bumper stickers. If you like my style of explaining, I think you may like this too.

There will be free and paid subscription content. The free content will be explainers on new working papers in economics. That will be anything that has caught my eye and excited me enough that I want to tell people about it. The premium content will be the material on causal inference and econometrics that I am anticipating may serve as the foundation for a sequel to my current book, the mixtape. I am titling this newsletter “Causal Inference: the Remix” because it is ultimately something new, and something old.